an Istanbul based illustrator and multidisciplinary artist

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D U R U   E K Ş İ O Ğ L U

 an Istanbul based illustrator and multidisciplinary artist

After graduated from Dogus University, Department of Graphics with the 1st degree of the faculty in 2013, I’ve finally gained my MA degree from Yeditepe University in 2017. Later that, I am chosen for Pictoplasma Academy on 2017 September and since that day I’m a part of the Magic Tea Society!

I’m working as a freelancer, also I created my own brand called Pickamoon which I make some ceramics works like sculptures, plates and bowls for a year.

I have a Behance portfolio that you can find my early works also. And you’d probably love my tumblr ifeellikehalfbakedcookie which i draw my daily feelings with quick doodles.

You can follow me with the social link buttons under the page ↓ and also you can send an e-mail to durueksioglu@gmail.com for the collaborations, commissions or just to say hey!


Face to Face – La Visione Art Gallery (tr) ’18

Woman in Life III – Gallery Abay (tr) ’18

Pictoplasma Academy All Stars – Urban Spree (de) ’18

Sanata Bi’Yer – Bomontiada (tr) ’17

Print Exchange/Just A Second – Brooklyn Art Library (usa) ’15

Sketchbook Project – Brooklyn Art Library (usa) ’13-14


Belleville Editions (fr)

Future Publishing (uk)

Monera Yayınları (tr)

Plutus.it (uk)

Acun Medya (tr)