an Istanbul based illustrator and multidisciplinary artist

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On 2017 July, I’ve applied to Pictoplasma Academy with my new charachter Fou, the Pathetic Goddess of Rain. I used to have emotional days that days so I’ve found my alter-ego as a pathetic jellyfish/goddess and guess what. I was chosen for the Academy! 
This is my first sheet for application.
I spent 10 intense days on September for Academy lessons at Berlin. I found a name for this emotional creature inspired by moon because moon shows emotions in ancient astrology and also she was pretty lunatic. So when I was checking some foreign languages I’ve noticed that FOU means lunatic in French. Since that moment I knew my alter-ego’s new name, Fou.
I’m planning to create a children’s book with her unhappy story.
That’s all for now, I don’t want you to see the whole pathetic story.
We also learnt how to create sculpture because after the education at Berlin, we had to open a exhibition 8 months later and that meant I had to create something for fine arts.
And I choose ceramics for the academy exhibition. I’ve made ceramic wall panels that tells the story of Fou.
Time gone fast. Set up for the exhibition on May at Urban Spree-Berlin.
And if you are a good kiddo, you can see Fou around Berlin streets.